Shipping with Tutulist - Estimating Shipping Weight

While it is always best to weigh your products for the most accurate shipping costs, here is a guide to help estimate the weight of common dancewear products.  When in doubt round up or add an oz or two.  If size L-XXL, add an extra ounce or two.  


Type Description Estimated Weight
Leotard Camisole and short sleeve Lycra/lightweight 

3 oz

Leotard Camisole and short sleeve Heavy Fabric/cotton  4.5 oz
Leotard Long Sleeve Lycra/lightweight 5.5 oz
Leotard Long Sleeve - Heavy Fabric / cotton 8 oz
Skirt Light weight chiffon wrap skirt 1.5 oz
Skirt Lycra medium weight wrap skirt 2.5 oz
Skirt Pull on skirt 

3.5 oz

Tights Boxed tights

4 oz

Warm Ups Trashbag /ripstop shorts - light

2 oz

Warm Ups Trashbag / ripstop  shorts - thick

6 oz

Warmups Trashbag / ripstop pants - light

3.5 oz

Warmups  Wrap sweater

8 oz

Warmups Knit overalls - light like tights 7 oz
Warmups Knit overals - medium to thick

14 oz

Warmups Long/full leg warmers

7 oz

Warmups Short/medium leg warmers

5 oz

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