Tutulist Encore Envelope Acceptance Guidelines

Thank you for considering selling your items to Tutulist through our Encore Envelope service! Below are our Acceptance Guidelines to help you get the maximum payout on your envelope.  As a business, we evaluate the purchase price and acceptance based on the likelihood that it will sell. Our payout % considers that Tutulist will be photographing, listing, storing, marketing, fulfilling, and shipping orders, and that the item may not actually sell. 

Encore Envelopes that result in 75% or less of the items being accepted may result in being disqualified from selling to us in the future.  

If there are items that do not fall in our Acceptance Guidelines, but you would still like to sell, we encourage you to create a store on Tutulist! Selling is easy and Tutulist simply charges a 15% commission upon sale. 

Conditions we accept: 

At this time, Tutulist only accepts items in Good, Like-New, or New condition.  We do not accept items in fair condition, and items must be freshly laundered and stain-free.  Please see the condition chart below:

Condition Chart

Fair (not accepted)

Clean, some but minimal visible wear, simple design (spaghetti straps, no design, etc.), tags cut off, etc. Minor pilling.  


Minimal to no sign of wear on the outside.  May have worn tag or tag cut off.

Like New

No signs of wear on the inside and outside of the garment. Tag intact.

New with Tags

No signs of wear and tags attached. 


Items we accept:

  • New and Gently-Used:
    • Leotards - Spandex/lycra only.  No cotton leotards.  Premiere brands and designs preferred.
    • Contemporary dance wear (shorts, tanks, bra tops, leggings, etc.) Should be a dance brand or premiere athleisure  brand (see below).
    • Warmups (legwarmers, shorts, dance sweaters, etc.) - minimal to no pilling, in good condition.  From a dance brand.
    • Premium brand athleisure (e.g. Lululemon, Gymshark, Athleta)
  • New Only:
    • Tights - new in package
    • Technique Shoes
    • Pointe Shoes*

*Pointe shoes must be new and are only taken on consignment with a 50% commission upon sale. 


Brand Acceptance Guidelines:

Brand Category List (not exhaustive)

Preferred (higher payout)

Eleve, Yumiko, Luckyleo Dancewear, Bodile, Jo + Jax, Five Dancewear, Kandi Kouture, Just a Corpse, DellaLo Milano, Imperfect Pointes, Cloud & Victory, Patrick J Designs, Chameleon, Ballet Rosa, AK Dancewear, Ainsliewear, Jule Dancewear, Maldire, Danse de Paris


(lower payout)

Bloch, Bodywrappers, Baltogs, Capezio, Gaynor Minden, Mirella, Natalie, Wear Moi, Russian Pointe, Nikolay, Grishko, SoDanca

Not accepted

Balera, Motionwear, Discount Dance (brand), Theatricals, Weissman, Curtain Call


Items we do not accept:

  • WE DO NOT ACCEPT COSTUMES!  Costumes can be sold directly on Tutulist but are not accepted as part of our Encore Envelope service.
  • Used shoes 
  • Accessories (toe pads, theraband, sewing kits, etc)
  • General Athleisure  (Old Navy, Target, Danskin, etc.) 
  • Cotton leotards - due to how quickly they fade/wear, we do not accept cotton leotards.

***Items must be clean and free of stains or damage***

Payout Guidelines:

Payouts are based on the estimated listing price.  To get an idea of what we list items for, we recommend visiting our store on Tutulist.  Please see the guides below for the pricing and payout guides. 

Seller Purchase Price Guide

Estimated Listing Price

Estimated Payout Price 


$0.25 - $3.00 (5%-15% of list price)

$20.00 - $49.99

$3.00 - $15.00 (15%-30% of list price)


$15.00 - $60.00 (30%-50% of list price)

$100 or more

$75.00+  (50-60% of list price) 


Tutulist Listing Price Guide 


Basic Brands

Preferred Brands/Designs


$10.00 -$22.00

$18.00 - $50.00


$15.00 - $28.00

$25.00 - $50+


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